This page provides details about our regular activities that take place during our evening sessions. For information about on-off events and activities see our News page or download our latest Newsletter.

There is always something happening – whether it is art, writing (both creative and more practical), computing or board games. We have an Art Group on Wednesdays, a Communications Group on Thursdays, and Literacy and Reading Groups on Fridays.

The weekly Wednesday Art Group is there for anyone who’d like to give it a go and find out how creative they can be!  There are no set activities – it works like an open studio, i.e. you come in and get on with something that interests YOU.

So far people have done drawings, paintings, sewing, knitting, jewellery making, collage and badge making.  Some people are interested in the Impressionists, others like Graffiti:  we’ve got books on different types of art with art workers and volunteers who are willing to talk to you and help you do the kind of work you are interested in. In June 2019 we had a wonderful opportunity to display a range of artistic works produced by guests in a public exhibition at The North Wall, which brought their talents to the attention of a much wider audience.

You can also sit in and see what the group’s like or look at one of our books before you make up your mind up about joining in. It’s a friendly group with chatting if you are feeling so inclined, but if you’d like to left alone and concentrate on your work, then we respect that too.  There’s a wide range of materials for you to use free of charge.

Art means a lot to me.  It helps me overcome my depression and my stressful life.  When I am a bit down, I do some art work to bring me up and get on with my life”

Every Friday an eager group of guests and volunteers meet to discuss and create all things literary. We call ourselves ‘The Write Place’.
Prompts are provided for writing and discussion on all the tables. These prompts include quotes from famous philosophers, writers and other people of history, as well as statements to induce ideas for writing poems, short stories and non-fiction pieces. In the side room we run a reading group where guests take turns reading aloud from novels, plays and short stories. This has proven to be very popular with our guests. Guests are welcome to participate whenever they wish. We are always on hand to give advice on writing CVs, cover letters and e-mails.
We also have our own web-site, filled with literary goodness written by the guests of the Gatehouse, and you can follow us on Twitter at @GatehouseLit. The purpose of the website is to provide a forum for expression and to highlight this critical point: no one can be defined solely by how they appear, how they speak, nor by their current living situation. We are all far more complex than any one statement could possibly convey. In June 2019 a wide range of works also featured in a public exhibition at The North Wall, which was a great way to showcase the talents of our guests in a wider arena.
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We try to ensure that laptops are available to use as many nights of the week that we have enough space and volunteers. On a Thursday evening we have a designated staff member that can support you with any IT needs you may have. Newspapers and other printed materials are also made available throughout the week for Guests to read.