Christmas is coming!

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As usual we will be collecting items to make up Christmas parcels for all our guests.  Each parcel will consist of new socks, pants, gloves, scarf, hat and a bar of chocolate. Father Christmas will be sending some elves to wrap up the parcels on Wednesday 19th December, 12noon to 3pm, at the Gatehouse.

If you would like to donate items (no need for you to wrap them) then we would be very grateful.  But please note that we still have a mountain of hats donated last year and don’t need any more.  What do we need most are:

PANTS – Pants are in demand all year round and we never have enough to meet demand. So, please, instead of donating a hat, please donate a pair of pants!
SOCKS – Socks donated last Christmas kept us going throughout the year – please keep up these donations!
GLOVES – People love a good pair of gloves. So if you donate just ONE pair of good pair of gloves that can withstand the cold we are more than happy. One pair of sturdy gloves are much preferred to ten pairs of thinner gloves.


If you would like to join in the wrapping fun, then you will be very welcome.

To deliver your Christmas present donation:
You can come half an hour before the café opens – this means it’s a bit quieter and it’s not so busy on the doors. However you are also welcome to come when we are open.

We are open on Sundays from 4-6 pm, and Mon to Fri 5-7 pm.

Just come up to the double yellow doors overlooking the Parish Hall garden at:
10 Woodstock Road, St Giles, Oxford OX2 6HT.
Knock (if the doors are closed) or speak to someone on the door. If no-one answers the door, please ring the office on 01865 792 999.

If the café is open, please tell the worker on the door that you are delivering Christmas present donations.

Please note: Gatehouse volunteers and staff work part time so the building is not staffed outside of our Café times.

There is no formal car parking. You can park temporarily just to make your delivery, either on the road just by the garden or in the space off the road alongside the garden railings and behind the Church.

Please note that we will be open as usual over the Christmas period EXCEPT for Christmas Day when we will be closed.  So dates times are: Christmas Eve 5-7pm, Christmas Day closed, Boxing Day 5-7pm, 27th December 5-7pm, 28th December 5-7pm, 29th December (closed as normal), 30th December 4-6pm., 31st December 5-7pm, 1st January 5-7pm