Clothes store update: 30.04.2018.  This list is updated regularly.

Spring is here, and although winter is over, we’re still welcoming donations! 

We’ve only a small storage space so please check our list for items we can accommodate as these change from week to week.  Please do not leave donations outside our door – please ring us first or visit us during our open hours (please see website for details).

Clean, good quality clothing can be part of maintaining your dignity whilst you are homeless, sleeping rough or in a hostel.  So:

  • NO dirty, unwashed items or things smelling strongly of stale cigarettes.
  • NO ripped, damaged or heavily stained items.

Thank you for offering to donate to The Gatehouse.  Our guests DO appreciate the generosity of the general public and acknowledge this support as they face the hostile challenge of living on the street.

Also: simple things like being able to shave or keep your teeth clean are just as important in maintaining your appearance and feeling good in yourself, so have a look for any toiletries you can spare


Always in demand + never enough of:

  • Sleeping bags + tents.
  • Duvets + wool/acrylic blankets.
  • Men’s trousers/jeans – 32” + 34”

The weather’s getting warmer but it’s still cold sleeping out!

We’re still welcoming:

  • Toiletries!! (deodorant, shampoo/shower gel,  razors + shaving cream)
  • PANTS for men and women
  • Men’s shoes
  • Candles
  • Men’s gloves (no magic gloves please!)
  • Men’s fleeces, jackets and coats

 NO HATS or SCARVES – we can’t store any more of these!

Absolutely NO: (we cannot use these items)

NO children’s or baby clothes or baby blankets.

NO party clothing, formal suits, jackets + ties.

NO thin summer dresses, shorts + swimsuits.