Clothes store update: 06.01.2019. This list is updated regularly.
For all clothes donations enquiries:
Keep scrolling down… and down… to find the information you need!

Please note – due to current (not permanent) lack of storage space, we regret we are unable to take in any donations of ANY CLOTHES until further notice!
we can take SLEEPING BAGS and DUVETS … and GLOVES!

We hope to be able to take in donations of clothes again as our Christmas donations go down over January – so please hang on to your donations, winter bad weather lasts a long time!

Please check this page or email
to keep yourself updated.

Please read on for information about things that we can use, and what we can’t. Any questions, please email

We rely on your donations to help us support people to be clothed adequately when sleeping rough or through their journey from homelessness to being accommodated, so please keep in touch with us 

A note about Christmas present parcels
A BIG THANK YOU!! We wrapped over a hundred presents on Wednesday 19th December and they have all been given out to our guests. All the extra socks and pants which were surplus to our Xmas parcels, will go to guests who need them over the next few months.

Who do the clothes get donated to?
Clothes are donated to our guests. Some of our guests are sleeping rough on the pavement in doorways, underground car parks, stairwells or in tents, in cars and vans, or boats.

Other guests are living in hostels or moving between hostels and other temporary accommodation. Some of our guests are accommodated but have a history of homelessness. Almost all of our guests find it hard to make ends meet whilst others have other severe stresses, challenges and responsibilities in their lives which make meeting their material needs very difficult.

What kind of clothes does The Gatehouse need?
Clothing needs to be practical to cope with the weather and to keep people warm. Shoes need to be waterproof. Clothes need to be clean and in good condition.

People like to look nice and each person has their own taste in clothes; being homeless does not change this! Many of our guests are busy going to appointments, job interviews, interviews to do with benefits or education and training courses, visiting family.

Whilst The Gatehouse does not have room to store formal clothing such as suits or shirts, we like to provide a choice of good outdoor and casual clothing to help people present themselves in a way that makes them feel good, and is also practical.

What are the things The Gatehouse always needs?
Duvets (synthetic), blankets (wool/acrylic – no cotton please)
Sleeping bags (new and used)
Camping mats to protect sleeping bags from wet ground
Groundsheets for camping
Rucksacks and holdalls
Waterproof trousers and jackets
Men’s pants and boxer shorts
RazorsShaving cream + shaving gel
Shampoo + shower gel
Gloves – fleece/sturdy gloves. (No ‘magic’ gloves please)
Men’s waterproof trainers + boots
Women’s outdoor/practical shoes + boots sizes 7 -8.
Men’s outdoor practical coats and jackets
Men’s winter/outdoor trousers especially size 32” and 34”; and sizes 48” and 50” – and above

Please note: We do not need any WOMEN’S clothing (other than XXXL sizes and large sized shoes/boots) at present.

What DOESN’T The Gatehouse use or need?
 Pillows
 Hats
 Sanitary towels and tampons
 Men’s t-shirts and polo-tops
 Sheets, pillow and duvet cases
 Summer clothes + shorts (men’s or women’s)
 Baby + children’s clothes
 Nappies
 Formal men’s clothing – suits, trousers, jackets
 Men’s shirts
 Men’s summer trousers
 Sun tan lotion; used lipsticks + used lip balm.
 Summer shoes, canvas shoes, crocs and slippers

Can’t The Gatehouse just throw away things you don’t need?
Items given to us which are not on our list cause us extra work. We have to bag these up (sometimes as many as ten bin liners in one go!) and organise transport to take them to charity shops. You can help us by keeping the need to do this to a minimum.

We also request:
– NO dirty, unwashed items or things smelling strongly of sweat, stale cigarettes – or marijuana!!
– NO ripped, damaged, moth-eaten or heavily stained items.

And yes, we have had all of the above!

If you are in doubt, please email:

Where to bring your donation:
St Giles Parish Church Hall
10 Woodstock Road
Oxford OX2 6HT

Our entrance is:
Through the double yellow doors overlooking the Parish Hall garden just alongside Woodstock Road and behind St Giles Church, (as you approach from town).
Just go up the steps to the double yellow doors and tap on the doors. Someone will come and open the door for you.

What times to bring donations:
If you come when the Gatehouse Café is open, the doors will be open and guest and staff will be in the garden and near the doors – just ask for a member of staff and people will be happy to get someone for you.
 It’s best to deliver about half an hour before the Café opens. Once we are open it can be quite busy on the doors.
 If you can’t come before we open, you are still very welcome to deliver during our opening times.
 The Gatehouse Café is open to guests:
5 – 7 pm Monday to Friday
4 – 6pm Sundays
Closed Saturdays.
 Please ask for a staff member to take your donation.
In the unlikely event that no one answers the door, please try ringing the office 01865 792 999.
Please Note: All staff and volunteers work at The Gatehouse PART TIME. There is no one in the building outside of our main opening times and the preparation and clean up times for these sessions.
Please NEVER LEAVE DONATIONS ON THE DOOR. Items left on the door get damaged by rain or can be stolen.
If you are bringing items collected by someone else and you don’t know what’s in the bags, please check-or ask one of our staff to check-that the items are ones that listed on this page.

Where to park your car:
There’s no parking space for The Gatehouse but you can park temporarily on the road by the Parish Hall Garden and leave a sign on your car to say you are unloading.
There is a space between the Parish Hall Garden and the bins and bicycle racks at the back of St Giles Church which, if empty, you can park to unload. This is parking space belonging to the Church and can only be used for a few minutes while you unload.
And lastly:
Thank you for offering to donate to The Gatehouse. Our guests DO appreciate the generosity of the general public and acknowledge this support as they face the hostile challenge of living on the street.
Whilst you might be able to keep yourself clean, keeping your belongings clean and dry when it’s cold or pouring with rain can be hard on the streets. Your donations go a long way supporting people in the uphill struggle with the elements.

Another sort-out!