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For foodies looking for something different, visit the Foodylicious website where you will find innovative great tasting food and drink products. Set up in 2016 by “the two Simons” their aim was to provide ease and convenience for customers to trial select quality food at shows and buy on line, delivered direct to their door. “After many years working with supermarkets and attending food shows,” says Simon Rees Collinson, “it became obvious to us that many people have great frustration in finding food and drinks as a whole range in their local stores. People have the chance to try our products at food shows, before buying competitively priced products, not available in supermarkets, with ease on line. Each of our Foodylicious boxes contains products on one specific brand. They are leading edge in their field and cover areas such as eco, health and gluten free amongst others.”.


Foodylicious is an online store for innovative and quality brands who offer something simply too delicious to ignore. We work with the brands directly to bring our customers a broad range of products under one roof at competitive prices and delivered FREE direct to your door in our ‘Best bites in a box’!  Amongst the most popular items available from Foodylicious (see the Foodylicious website or Facebook, are

PERCOL – the UK’s first compostable Nespresso compatible coffee pods receiving the Which magazine Best Buy award.

VIT-HIT -Virtually no sugar health drinks from VitHit blended with fruit juice and green tea.

BELGIAN BOYS – continental style indulgent waffles and stoop waffles individually wrapped for convenience.


-UK’s first compostable Nespresso 100% compatible plant based coffee pods by Percol. Which magazine Best Buy award winners.

-Percol coffee bags, enjoy your favourite coffee as easily as making a cup of tea!

-Iced coffee, In two delicious flavours – enjoy your favourite Percol coffee cooled and refreshing!

-Virtually no sugar health drinks from VitHit blended with fruit juice and green tea.

-Belgian boys continental style indulgent waffles, stoop waffles and mini cookies individually wrapped for convenience.