.The Gatehouse is a drop-in centre providing free services including a daily café, with an open door for anyone who is 25 or over.

Opening Hours: 

Monday – Friday 5.00-7.00 pm, Sundays 4.00-6.00 pm.

St Giles Parish Rooms,
10 Woodstock Road,
near the centre of Oxford.

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We offer a warm, welcoming environment for those who are homeless or poorly-housed – a couple of hours each day (except Saturday) to relax, meet others (or not if that’s what you choose).  Other agencies in Oxford provide a whole range of services, but our particular contribution is a friendly, accepting atmosphere with as little aggravation as possible, and all the sandwiches, tea and sympathy we can supply.  The Gatehouse accepts people just as they are.

You can always get tea, coffee, sandwiches, fresh fruit and cake.  Home-made soup is also provided during the winter months and on some days we are able to offer more hot food.  The food is simple but nutritious and filling.

You are welcome to come in to eat, drink, rest or meet others whenever we are open.  Our doors are open to everyone who accepts the need for reasonable behaviour.

As well as food we provide newspapers, books and a warm and quiet environment for our guests, with free access to the internet.

The clothes store is open for half an hour from 5.30p.m Monday and Thursday evenings (however we are dependent on volunteers). All the clothes (except underwear) is donated by the public.

We do have set rules for the clothes donation store to ensure that there is fairness for everyone and enough clothing to go around.

We try to have up-to-date advice and information for anyone who asks and we can refer and signpost you to other agencies. We may also be able to offer one-to-one support to address specific practical needs.

Click on the links below for advice provided by other organisations in Oxford:

Oxford City Council homelessness Survival Guide

Oxford City Council advice on housing

Homeless Link homelessness services page

Oxfordshire Mind Guide

Daily Info guide on help for homeless people


Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on the premises (bottles and cans of drink can be handed over for safe-keeping during the session and returned to you when you leave), but we do not pass judgement on anyone’s lifestyle outside Gatehouse hours.

We have very few rules but some are essential to ensure the safe running of the project.  It is important that we stick to these consistently so that they remain clear and fair to everyone (see code of conduct below as devised by guests).


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