Join our volunteer team today!

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We are always on the lookout for volunteers to join our team, and that doesn’t have to be a huge commitment timewise. Each of our evening drop in sessions would only take up a few hours of your spare time, but the benefits to our Guests are huge. Many people become regular volunteers working on the same night of the week throughout the year, but we also have many individuals who are only able to commit to helping out occasionally or just at certain times of the year. We welcome everybody and appreciate any time that you are able to give to support us. At certain times of the year, particularly around Easter, Christmas and the summer holidays we always have a drop in volunteer numbers available to run sessions so we are keen to build up a reserve of seasonal volunteers who can provide back up at those times. If you would like to help have a look at our Volunteer page to get a better picture of what it is all about and then contact us via to join up. We have also produced a ‘seasonal volunteers’ poster to help our recruitment programme. If you are able to print up a copy and place it on a noticeboard at work, in your local church, community hall or anywhere where it will have a chance to attract new volunteers that would help us tremendously. Alternatively e-mail a copy to friends, family and colleagues who you think might be interested.