OxFizz – Raising funds for the Gatehouse

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Volunteer tutors can raise £1,000 for the Gatehouse

If you know somebody who has a Masters degree from Oxbridge then here’s a way they can raise funds for The Gatehouse. OxFizz are running an International Summer School from 1st July to 11th August and they are looking for volunteer tutors.

During that period there are three sets of two week courses, and the minimum requirement is for volunteers to design a suitable course (with help from OxFizz staff) and teach for a two week period. The estimated total time for preparation and teaching is 20 to 30 hours. If they wanted to they could teach the same course for all three sets of two weeks, with no further preparation time needed after the initial course design. There are places remaining to teach a course in Economics, English, Medicine, or Psychology.

Students come from all over the world and are aged 15 to 18. They pay fees for the course that they attend, and £1,000 is then passed on to the volunteer’s chosen charity for each two week course taught. The courses aim to give students a taster of what it is like to study in Oxford / England, and it is more of a summer camp than a serious preparation for applying to study at Oxford University.

If you know somebody who might be interested then please pass this information on to them. To apply or simply ask more questions they can contact Lee Robertson at OxFizz directly via  lee.robertson@oxfizz.org

More information can be found from the links below: