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The Gatehouse could not operate without the generosity of those who support it financially, make food, and work during sessions. Volunteers are highly valued in this organisation, which prides itself in being volunteer-led. We hope you will find that working at the cafe is a privilege and actually good fun.
if you want to help as a volunteer you can either attend the drop-in sessions, or help to provide food as part of a volunteer group (see the ‘Volunteer Groups Providing Food’ section below for details). There may also be opportunities to provide help in other areas such as fundraising. Alternatively you can support us by donating money, food or other items – see our Support Us page for details.

Information for volunteers

Those who wish to volunteer at the Gatehouse are required to attend a short induction in which Gatehouse policies and duties are explained, and during which any questions will be answered. If you know anyone who has expressed an interest in volunteering, ask them to telephone the office leaving their details, or e-mail

The team of paid workers will assess each volunteer’s availability and place them on the rota. If you are unable to work a session to which you are assigned, the office should be notified as soon as possible so that a replacement can be found. As an absolute minimum a team of at least nine volunteers and staff is needed to open; if you fail to turn up without letting us know, it could mean we cannot open that night.

Alternatively, if you turn up unexpectedly it may be difficult to incorporate you into the team (and you may have created unnecessary work for the person trying to put the team together!). It is therefore very important that you arrive at 4:00pm on Mondays to Fridays for a session beginning at 5:00pm (on Sundays, 3:00pm for 4:00pm) so that the co-ordinator can be assured of a full team of workers. If, for any reason, you cannot arrive by the specified time, please let us know you are going to be late. Be prepared to stay until 7:30pm (6:30pm on Sundays) in order to get the clearing-up done quickly and in time for the next group needing to access the hall.

Each session is supervised by the co-ordinator; volunteers should make themselves known to the co-ordinator on arrival, and accept this person’s authority. Project workers who are skilled and experienced will, with the co-ordinator and more senior volunteers, deal with any challenging situations that may arise. You will not be asked to do a job for which you are unprepared.

You can expect the help and support of your colleagues as you gain skills and confidence. Everyone should take care to avoid doing anything which may lead to a building up of tension and anxiety within the team.

Some Guests of the Gatehouse can at times display challenging behaviour. However, any form of aggressive or discriminatory behaviour is not tolerated. If you encounter these, make a quick retreat and report the incident to the co-ordinator or a project worker as we do not expect or advocate volunteers dealing with challenging behaviour.

Occasionally things can go wrong and quick decisions must be made. No one should blame themselves for doing anything which with hindsight appears to have been a mistake. Whatever has happened, volunteers should reassure each other and themselves. Debriefings will be useful after any difficult situations: these provide an opportunity for unpleasant feelings to be expressed and recognized; for motives, reactions and anxieties to be talked out; and for lessons to be learnt for future use.

The Gatehouse was set up to help people who are street homeless or vulnerably housed. The Guests have a wide range of life experiences and some of those can include mental health/physical health problems, addiction issues, offenders and people without families and homes. However each person is an individual and should not be judged on their current circumstances.

The companionship and friendly welcome of the cafe is as much a part of our mission as the food we serve. Guests respond to the attention of volunteers who show an interest in their well-being. Over time, they will confide in them and feel that a relationship of trust has been formed. However, singling out any guest for preferential treatment is likely to lead to jealousy, hurt, and further damage, and that is why we cannot allow ourselves to become personally involved with guests. While at the project, every effort must be made to avoid the appearance of favouritism. Outside, volunteers should not pursue relationships with Guests and volunteers should always protect their privacy and safety by not revealing their surname, address, college, or place of work to any guest. In no circumstances should personal cash gifts be made. If this seems difficult or unreasonable, consider whether you are able to meet all the emotional and physical demands of any individual you may feel drawn to. Please read the professional boundaries and confidentiality policies included on this website.

At times we need to be realistic about potential risks in working at the Gatehouse (for this reason all volunteers must be over 18 and have signed the volunteer form). Many risks arise out of the circumstances of our Guests, and some have to do with the premises. Safety precautions and procedures have been set for the benefit of volunteers and Guests, and these should be followed. Additionally, you must take responsibility for your own safety, staying alert to danger and acting sensibly. Please read the code of conduct and managing risk policy included on this website.

Despite all attempts to prevent it, some guests use the Gatehouse as a place to take and deal drugs. We occasionally find bloody tissues or swabs, wrappers, syringes and needles (sharps) in the toilets or elsewhere. Extreme caution must be exercised when dealing with such items. Volunteers should never put their hands in a place they cannot see (between chair cushions, behind lavatories, in wall cavities) because of the risk of a needle stick injury.

If you find a syringe or needle, or any drug “works”, report it to the co-ordinator or a project worker immediately, taking care to prevent other volunteers or guests from disturbing the items. Only co-ordinators and project workers who have been briefed on the safe handling of such paraphernalia may dispose of them, using special apparatus for the purpose.

If you suspect drug use or drug dealing (the smell of cannabis, groups of people in the toilets, the exchange of money in the hall, or a marked change of behaviour or demeanour on the part of a guest), notify the co-ordinator immediately and be prepared to describe what you have observed.

It is vital to be welcoming and positive at the Gatehouse and most Guests, most of the time, are polite and appreciative of our efforts. At the same time, it is self-evident that challenging behaviour can be a fact of life for people, and this can become a problem.

No volunteer should feel threatened by a Guest and we will ban Guests if we think they are a risk to others.
The first thing to do when in an uncomfortable situation is to get out of it. Make an excuse (such as that you are needed elsewhere), or just leave. Then, report the incident to the co-ordinator or one of the project workers, who will decide on the next step. Similarly, if you suspect that a colleague is being harassed by a Guest, offer a get-out option (‘I think you’re needed in the kitchen’) so that they can easily make an excuse.

The Guests have devised a code of conduct at the project and we are lucky that most people follow this.

We aim to provide good quality and nutritious food for our guests. We rely on a large number of volunteers to make sandwiches and bake cakes for us. Most of our food is provided by church and other groups who have their own rotas so that the burden on any one individual is not too great. If you would like to help with this, please contact us (

If you would like to simply donate food, either as a one-off or regularly please see our Donate Food page for details.

If you decide you want to help us with donating soup or sandwiches and cakes there is a Food Safety Handbook on the website which you will need to read and sign before starting. We also require a food allergen sticker to be completed for each item, which you can pick up from the office or we can post to you. It is not as complicated as it sounds and you can contact us on ( if you need support. 

For further details of our food needs, please see “Food needs

The Gatehouse use of volunteer data is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018 and it will only be held for lawful and operational purposes. The Gatehouse will not sell volunteer data on to any third parties and it will be held and destroyed in a secure manner once it is no longer required. Please refer to the Gatehouse General Data Protection Regulations 2018 Policy here for more information.

If you would like to request a copy of the information that the Gatehouse holds on you (as a volunteer). Please put your request in writing to the Project Director at and you will receive this within 30 days of the request date.

Under GDPR your data also has the *Right to be Forgotten if the data held on you is not for a lawful purpose. Please put your request in writing to the Project Director at and you will receive this within 30 days of the request date.

*The right to be forgotten means a right to request deletion of your data if not held for lawful purposes.

Many Thanks

The policies on this website are for information and guidance for volunteers, but feel free to ask us any questions when we meet!!

Please either complete the volunteer form (which you can download from this page) and bring it with you when you come to your induction, or we can print one for you when you visit.  Thank you!