Waste2Taste supporting the homeless community

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Marie and Sandra are two friends with a background in cooking and community support who in March 2017 decided to put together all their food knowledge and skills to show the world that they can make magic with surplus food, creating fantastic healthy and super tasty dishes, which is how Waste2Taste was born.

They offer a bespoke catering service with a vision towards a vibrant, healthy and sustainable food culture, committed to packaging and food waste cuts, fighting climate change by reducing food waste, using high quality food surplus, much of it supplied by the Oxford Food Bank, which also delivers free food daily to the Gatehouse.

They are fiercely passionate about supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community, and provide mentoring and training opportunities to the homeless and vulnerably housed. Also as part of their charitable aims they donate a significant share of their profits to the Gatehouse, which in the last quarter totalled a massive £718!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to them for their efforts, and in return we’d also like to recommend that everybody checks out the menus available on their website at www.waste2taste.co.uk/menu . If you are after a caterer with a difference offering wonderfully tasty food then you need look no further.