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    “The UK's food poverty rate is among the highest in Europe. Despite being the sixth richest country in the world, millions are struggling to access the food they need. According to the latest government statistics, 4.2 million people (6 per cent) were living in food poverty in 2020 to 2021” The Big Issue.

    To keep guests fed and the community centre open, we rely on volunteer food groups to help provide the sandwiches and cakes we serve to our guests. We require around 35 food groups to fully meet guests’ needs. On average, we use around 1200 loaves of sandwiches each year as well as over 1000 cakes. We also provide just under 6500 jacket potatoes each year and 450 pizzas, so any donations of potatoes, toppings, and pizzas are always found a good home.

    Each year our food bill is increasing and with the help of food groups and donors, we can keep our costs to a minimum and redirect these vital funds to other much needed service areas.

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