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    Also look at our Donate Money and Gifts in Wills pages for other ways that you could help to provide funds for us.

    Who do the clothes get donated to?

    Thank you for offering to donate to The Gatehouse. Clothes and other items in the clothes store are donated to our guests free of charge. Some of our guests are sleeping rough on the pavement in doorways, underground car parks, stairwells or in tents, in cars and vans, or boats. Other guests are living in hostels or moving between hostels and other temporary accommodation. Some of our guests are accommodated but have a history of homelessness.

    Our guests really do appreciate the generosity of the general public and acknowledge this support as they face the hostile challenge of living on the street. Whilst you might be able to keep yourself clean, keeping your belongings clean and dry when it’s cold or pouring with rain can be hard on the streets. Your donations go a long way supporting people in the uphill struggle with the elements.

    What kind of clothes does The Gatehouse need?

    A full list of commonly required items can be found lower down this page.

    Clothing needs to be suitable for the current season, practical, and able to cope with the weather and to keep people warm (e.g. shoes need to be waterproof).

    Clothes need to be clean and in good condition.

    People like to look nice and each person has their own taste in clothes; being homeless does not change this!

    Whilst The Gatehouse does not have room to store formal clothing such as suits or shirts, we do like to provide a choice of good outdoor and casual clothing that helps our guests to present themselves in a way that makes them feel good.

    Where to bring your donation?

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    Which items do the Gatehouse regularly need?

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    Which items are not needed by the Gatehouse?

    Any of the donated items that are not needed or not appropriate for use by Guests at the Gatehouse subsequently need to be sorted, and either recycled, passed on to another charitable organisation, or otherwise disposed of, all of which takes up valuable time for our hard-working staff and volunteers. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    On occasions where we have been donated clothing that can’t be used by our community but is suitable for charity shops or recycling, we do this through our partner recycling company We Recycle Clothes or a local charity shop in an attempt to reduce waste and the impact on the environment. The minimal funds earned from recycling go straight back into our community centre.

    Find out more about We Recycle Clothes.
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