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Support from Organisations

At the Gatehouse we recognise that organisations may wish to support us in a wide variety of different ways, often as a package containing several elements, and we are always open to discuss all options to work out the most beneficial outcome.

Food, money or volunteers - we rely on your support

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    Ways organisations have helped us in the past

    The following are just a few of the many ways that businesses, schools, churches, sports clubs and a wide range of other organisations have provided support over the past few years.

    • Publicising the Gatehouse by including articles in newsletters, on websites and social media, or interviews on radio and television, circulating our publicity materials to customers, members, pupils and parents, or congregation, or featuring our logo on sports kits.
    • Schemes enabling PAYE employee individual donations or employer charity donation pots shared out via employees to a shortlist of local charities.
    • Programmes of internal and external fundraising activities and events from cake sales and Halloween parties to charity dinners and rowathons.
    • Inviting a Gatehouse speaker to an event and collecting donations from attendees.
    • Providing services or products either free or at a reduced price, from printing to advice on legal and management issues, and IT support to haircuts and podiatry.
    • Designing, producing and selling charity Christmas cards on behalf of the Gatehouse.

    The opportunities are endless, and we’re waiting to talk to you …