A special thank you to these amazing organisations for their support!


The Gatehouse is dependent on grants and donations from the local community, none of them guaranteed to continue. In recent years the largest single grant has been received from the City Council. Although we have an in-kind income of about £80,000 per year, the remaining annual cash budget for our core activities is £85,000. The bulk has to come from individuals, churches, schools and colleges, and those trusts with an interest in our work. Rather than pursue funding for eye-catching new projects or trying to create additional posts, the management committee’s priority is to secure resources for our core work. We gratefully acknowledge the support from all the people who make this service possible; they are too numerous to mention here but our project could not exist without this help.

All contributions – small or large – are very much appreciated and will help us to continue our work. We welcome donations for a specific purpose (e.g. fresh fruit) as well as general contributions to our funds.

Donate Online

  • via Justgiving
  • via Charities Aid Foundation – you need to search for the Gatehouse first using the charity registration number 1002741, but then can pay with credit/debit or a CAF charity card.

Send a Cheque

Payable to:

the ‘Gatehouse’

Send to:

The Honorary Treasurer
Mr J Catterall
Gatehouse at St Giles
10 Woodstock Road
Oxford OX2 6HT

Make regular donations via a Bank Standing Order

Click here to download the STANDING ORDER FORM

Donations made to us are eligible for GIFT AID Tax Relief

Click here to download a GIFT AID TAX FORM for a single donation or for multiple donations

Please contact the Gatehouse on 01865-792999 or e-mail finance@oxfordgatehouse.org if you would like to make a donation in another way.


Some of our friends and supporters offer to do wacky things to raise money for us. Sponsoring one of these is a way of giving money to the Gatehouse and giving encouragement to the one with the idea. If you have a sponsorship idea, we would love to hear from you, contact katrinagatehouse@gmail.com.

Donating money or doing a sponsored event are not the only ways you can help the Gatehouse.

We accept food on a regular basis and one-off gifts of food are also always appreciated.  Please see “Food needs” or contact admin@oxfordgatehouse.org.

There are many things we can find a use for if you can’t. We give out clothing, food and many other things to people who need them. If you have unwanted things you think may be useful to someone else, please get in touch and we will try to find someone who wants them. We can’t promise to take everything you don’t want but we will try to use as much as possible. Furniture and other larger items are also welcomed by other support organisations.
For the latest update on what we do (and don’t) need for the Clothes Store see “Clothes Store Update”.